BROOKLYN - Police arrested a 14-year-old Midwood High School student Wednesday for allegedly plotting to set off a homemade "Drano" bomb at school.

According to authorities, the suspect had all the ingredients necessary to make the bomb, including liquid drain clog remover, a bottle and a balloon. The explosion of a "Drano" bomb can cause severe burns and breathing problems.

According to police, a teacher overheard the student's conversation with his classmates in which he said he was going to make the bomb.

Parents and students say they are grateful to the teacher and school security for taking swift action on the matter.

"I'm not scared because I know we have top security at this school," says freshman Attiba Samuel. "I just want to know why he would want to do something like that."

The Department of Education is investigating the incident. Officials say the principal of Midwood High School followed all appropriate security procedures.