BROOKLYN - Police say they are charging a teenager for shooting a livery cab passenger in the head Friday night. Officials say they are also questioning the suspect regarding three other incidents where a total seven people were hurt that same night.

Michael Magnan, 19, is facing several charges, including attempted murder.

City Council Member Jumaane D. Williams says 23-year-old Nikita Grebelskiy is brain dead after he was allegedly shot in the head during a botched cab robbery.

Four other people were shot during a family gathering on East 54th Street, just a few blocks from Utica Avenue where Grebelskiy was shot. All four victims suffered minor injuries.

Williams says the same person may have pistol-whipped three bouncers at two nearby clubs.

Neither Magnan nor anyone else has been charged in those incidents.

Police: Livery cab passenger shot in head during attempted robbery