BROOKLYN - Police arrested a suspect Thursday who is accused of sexually molesting a teenage Hasidic girl in Kensington last week.

Authorities say 26-year-old Darlin Guevara has been charged with attempted rape and robbery in the attack on a 13-year-old girl that happened last Friday in front of 1742 East 2nd St.

A separate fondling incident happened Monday morning near Avenue O and Dahill Road involving a 16-year-old Hasidic girl.

Last year, a string of sexual attacks on girls rocked Borough Park. At that time, Assemblyman Dov Hikind offered a $20,000 reward for the arrest of the man who pulled two 14-year-old Hasidic girls into his car and molested them.

A spokesperson for Hikind says the assemblyman is closely monitoring the new attacks in Brooklyn.