BROOKLYN - Police say a Brooklyn man was arrested after shouting at flight attendants, opening the overhead bins and running up and down the aisles of a JetBlue flight to Burbank Tuesday night, which was forced to land in Salt Lake City, Utah.

According to FBI agents, Shalom Yarimo, an Israeli native who resides in Brooklyn, drank too many beers with his dinner and became belligerent. Yarimo says he did not drink too much, but choked on his food and ran to the bathroom to throw up. According to Yarimo, he was stopped by a flight attendant on his second trip to the bathroom to trim his beard and was told the plane was making an emergency landing due to lack of fuel.

Upon landing in Salt Lake City, Yarimo says FBI agents and police officers surrounded the plane, arrested him and charged him with interfering with a flight crew.

?I don't know how many FBI came, I don't know how many police came,? Yarimo says. ?They surrounded the plane like I'm going to do terrorist acts."

Yarimo appeared in court on Wednesday and will make his first appearance before a grand jury next week. FBI agents say he is in the United States illegally.