CONEY ISLAND - Police say a school bus driver has been arrested after leaving a 3-year-old boy locked on the bus alone in Brighton Beach.

Authorities say a bus driver from the Thomas Bus Company left the boy locked on the school bus in front of a Yeshiva in Brighton Beach when the bus was supposed to be on the way to the boy's school. Staff members inside the Yeshiva noticed the boy and went outside to help him, but found the bus locked. An employee at the Yeshiva says the boy was crying and very upset.

The manager of the bus company refused to speak with News 12 Brooklyn, but a representative of the company said over the phone that drivers are reminded daily to check for sleeping students before locking and leaving the bus.

Police say charges against the driver are pending. Authorities are also looking to charge the bus matron. The boy was taken to Coney Island Hospital to be examined. Police say he was uninjured.