BROOKLYN - Police seized a massive quantity of counterfeit retail products valued at $20 million from a storage facility in Sunset Park Friday.

Authorities say over 100 storage units on 63rd Street were filled with more than 100,000 counterfeit items, including Coach bags and Nike Air sneakers depicting President Barack Obama. Police also arrested six people who have allegedly been taking shipments of fake goods from China and selling them wholesale to retailers.

"Display rooms were set up where retailers could come in and make bulk purchases of the counterfeit goods," says Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes.

The raid followed a one-year investigation conducted by undercover detectives. Police say some of the fake items made it to stores and were sold to unsuspecting customers.

"Think about the sales tax revenue on $20 million worth of goods," says John Hennelly, of the Waterfront Commission. "How many cops and firemen that would pay for?"

The district attorney's office says police have also seized accounting books and records that could lead investigators to the retailers who have been purchasing the fake goods.