CYPRESS HILL - Police are continuing to scour the Cypress Hills area two days after an NYPD officer was killed during a home invasion.

The NYPD's crime scene unit was in full gear today, searching the home where officer Peter Figoski was killed. Some local residents say the continuing police presence is a brief respite.

"You do feel a little safety now that they're around - you see them around, but when they leave, you know it goes back to the same old thing," says William Crespo, who lives nearby.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg today paid homage to Figoski for his service.

"Officer Figoski served this country for 22 years and gave his life to protect the rest of us," said the mayor. "Today his family - including his four daughters - are grieving for him."

Five men have been charged with murder in Figoski's death. 5 men charged with murder in death of NYPD officer