BROOKLYN - Police have released a video of a vehicle they say is connected to the shooting that took place at a July 4th barbecue on Chauncey Street. 

Investigators say a white four-door Toyota Camry is what the suspect or suspects were inside of when they fired multiple shots at someone standing on the sidewalk in front of 419 Chauncey St. 

In total, seven people were injured in the shooting. Police say they believe the shooter was upset because they had been denied entry in to the party. 

One of the victims of the attack says there were about 90 people at the home celebrating.

"The first two shots I guess people still thought they was firecrackers," says Samuel Weaver Jr., who was shot at the party. "Until they really start going off and then I think I got hit with like the second one. 

A 21-year-old man who was considered a person of interest and taken into custody has since been released.

At this point, police aren't confirming if there is any connection between the shooting and another shooting that took place close to the incident just a few hours later.