WILLIAMSBURG - Some Brooklyn police officers and local children joined forces to create a mural at the 90th Precinct in Williamsburg Friday.

The mural depicts the Brooklyn Bridge, with one arch representing the police and the other representing the community. The entire mural is strengthened with positive words such as bravery, love and trust. 

Those involved say the mural is a symbol of peace, compassion and community.

Many of the children who worked on the mural are involved in the singer Usher's foundation that helps students in Brooklyn learn leadership skills.

Brianne Wheeler, 17, is one of the students involved in the program. For her, leadership means setting a good example and breaking stereotypes.

"It's like you get tired of hearing the stereotypes, you get tired of hearing the police are bad, and this is bad, and it's not. It's really nice," says Wheeler.

Officers say the mural is a reflection of trust between police and those they try to serve every day.