BOROUGH PARK - A massive investigation is underway in Borough Park after Saturday's building explosion that left two people dead and more than 12 people with injuries.

Investigators tell News 12 they have still not identified the second victim that was removed from the rubble on Monday.

The first body found was identified as 64-year-old Ligia Puello.

Police believe the explosion started inside Francesca Figueroa's apartment on the second floor. Figueroa, a 48-year-old mother, has been missing since the explosion.

Her family said they spoke to her earlier on Saturday and that she was inside the apartment.

Police continue to search for clues as to how and why the explosion occurred.

Residents of neighboring buildings hope that a full investigation will be done to insure that nothing like this can happen again. 

Residents of the building adjacent to the building where the explosion occurred were told by officials that they would not be allowed back into their homes due to part of the ceiling collapsing.