BROWNSVILLE - Firefighters responding to a blaze Wednesday morning at the Tilden Houses in Brownsville found a man who had been burned to death, police say.

Sources in the NYPD say the man, who had also been shot and stabbed, was found in the hallway of the 15th floor at 330 Dumont Ave.

Tenants of the building say they don't know much about the man who was killed, other than to speculate that he lived on the second floor of the building and went by the name "Focus."

Crime in the area has become all too common, many say. "Sickening, it's sickening," says Linda Sanders. "This area is going down with this crime and this murdering."

The city has been targeting crime in the area. The Brownsville neighborhood is part of the NYPD's Operation Impact program, in which cops flood areas in the city beset by crime.