BROOKLYN - Police arrested a man accused of sexually molesting three Brooklyn girls Thursday.

The accused, Constantine Kotzalides, was taken into custody at 50th Street and 19th Avenue. Now he faces sexual abuse and forcible touching charges for approaching three little girls in Borough Park.

According to investigators, Kotzalides exposed himself to a 7-year-old near 52nd Street and 13th Avenue around 5:30 p.m. Half an hour later, police say he approached two other girls, ages five and six, near 56th Street and 11th Avenue.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the man took the girls into a hallway and molested them.

According to Kelly, one of the victims? mothers obtained a description of Kotzadiles?s car, which helped the authorities catch him a few minutes later.

"I mean, this neighborhood? It's quiet, very quiet, and all of a sudden you see this,? says Dan Klein, who witnesses Kotzalides?s arrest.

A local resident says Borough Park is especially deserted in the summer months because many families go away. She says the neighborhood children who stay in town play outside, and parents need to make sure to keep an eye on them.