BROOKLYN - ? Police officers in Brooklyn helped give one mom an early Christmas gift when they delivered a baby in the back of a cab Monday.

When the mother, Fang Zow, started to feel contractions, she tried to get to the hospital in a livery cab with her husband. However, the baby just wouldn?t wait. So, the couple flagged down police, who jumped in to help.

?She had sweatpants on,? says Officer Kerry Ann Douglass. ?And all of a sudden you saw the baby?s head coming out from the sweatpants. I was like, ?Oh my word,? so I pulled off her pants and out came the baby.?

A lieutenant arrived as backup and cut the umbilical cord. The baby was then wrapped in a blanket and taken to the hospital. Mother and child, Elina Zow, are both fine and resting at Maimonides Medical Center.