BROOKLYN - The police presence at Brooklyn's 40th Annual West Indian-American Day Carnival has polarized paradegoers.

Police were out in full force Monday trying to keep the event as safe as possible. Barricades were also installed as millions of people flooded Eastern Parkway.

Still, police reported a 26-year-old man was shot in the leg during the Labor Day event. Three people were taken into custody for questioning about the incident.

In 1999, two children and one man died in separate incidents involving floats. In 2005, a man was fatally shot. Last year, a man was shot and another person stabbed.

Some revelers said police did a good job at the latest event. "Somebody ? [has to] keep law and order," said Roland Morgan. "Otherwise, without the police ? it'd be chaos in the streets."

However, others disagreed. "We're peaceful," said Niasia Baptiste. "They act like we're criminals and this is really why I think this will be my last year here."

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