MIDWOOD - The investigation into an alleged robbery that ended with police shooting one of three suspects Thursday has turned toward whether a fourth suspect remains at large, police say.

Two of the men allegedly ordered employees at the Verizon store at 418 Avenue P in Midwood to the back of the store at gunpoint then demanded cash and cellphones around 11:15 a.m. Thursday.

Police say a store employee dialed 911 and followed the suspects' vehicle, a black Jeep Cherokee with North Carolina license plates. The employee also encountered a marked patrol car and alerted officers to the robbery.

Those officers broadcast a description of the vehicle and suspects, police say, and another patrol car spotted the Jeep near East 14th Street and Avenue O.

The Jeep crashed into a parked car as the suspects turned southbound on East 14th Street from Avenue O, police say.

Responding officers encountered 39-year-old Altariq B. McIver and 25-year-olds Allen Francios and Marquis Riley.

McIver allegedly drew a gun, and an officer shot him several times in the torso. 

The other suspects ran away, and police arrested two of them separately. A possible fourth suspect, reported by witnesses and who appears to be fleeing the scene on surveillance video, remains at large.

The video shows two men running alongside one another and a third man, possibly the fourth suspect, running in the same direction on the opposite side of the street.

Police recovered two guns at the scene, as well as a stun gun and a police scanner. 

Mclver was transported to Kings County Hospital in critical condition.

The three men in custody are facing robbery charges. McIver was also charged with criminal possession of a firearm and Marquis with criminal trespass.