BROOKLYN - Police played a confession tape to the jury in the case of Marcell Dockery, who is on trial for starting a mattress fire on Coney Island that killed a police officer in 2014.
Dockery, charged with second-degree murder, assault and arson, was questioned by police hours after the fire at an apartment building that he says he was visiting when he saw a mattress lying near a door.
The tape depicted Dockery saying, "I was bored…so I started burning the edge of the mattress. I wasn't doing it to do nothing wrong. I was just bored."
The fire that Dockery is accused of starting led to the death of Officer Dennis Guerra. Guerra had ran into the building to help his partner Officer Rosa Rodriguez, who was severely injured.
The tape also includes Dockery saying that he thought he blew out the flame that he allegedly created, but just moments later, he says the smoke was everywhere and the blaze grew.
After that, Dockery told police that his cousins called 911, but when first responders arrived, he was too frightened to talk to them.
"Because it got so big so quick, I was afraid to tell them 'I started this,'" said Dockery on the video.
After the tape, the jury also saw surveillance video of Dockery smoking inside the apartment building on the day of the fire. Prosecutors hope that evidence can help build a case that proves he had a lighter that day.
If convicted, Dockery can face up to 25 years in prison.
Dockery's trial continues next week.