EAST NEW YORK - Police are searching for a pair of robbers who may be targeting several stores in Brooklyn. 

In the surveillance video from the first robbery on Oct. 18 at a Blake Avenue 99 cent store on the corner of Blake and Pennsylvania Avenue, a man in a white hoodie pulls out a gun from his shopping bag and points it directly at the cashier. Officials say the man got away with about $150 and a Samsung cellphone.

Police believe the second attack at Angelic Grocery Store involved the same man along with another man. Authorities say one of the men went around the counter with a gun, while the other suspect demanded money, putting it in a plastic bag, before running out of the store and heading southbound on Jerome Street. Investigators say the pair got away with $1,000, a gold chain and a silver chain with a charm attached.

Agustin Rodriguez had only been working at the Angelic Grocery Store for a few months when the incident unfolded Monday night.

"He said put the money there, hurry up before I kill your friend," says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says they went into the store twice to buy juice, but returned the third time with a gun.

"He's like hurry up, hurry up, give me the money, give me the money and I said, ‘OK, OK I do nothing, I give you the money,’" says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says the whole time the robbers were in the grocery store he kept thinking about his wife and four children. Rodriguez added that he works hard to support his family and says it is sad and disturbing that instead of working for their money, these men choose to steal.

Anyone with information that could help police should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.