BROOKLYN - A teenager is dead after police say he tried to carjack a retired cop in East New York.

The incident was caught on surveillance at a gas station on Georgia and Linden avenues. The station manager saw the video and says you can see two young men walk up to the back of a car and point a gun at the driver's head.

According to authorities, the driver is a retired officer who now works as a security guard nearby. They say he was armed and fired his weapon, fatally hitting 18-year-old Manuel Ocampo in the head. The other suspect was taken into custody, where he is being questioned by police.

The retired officer was transported to Kings County Hospital with difficulty breathing.

Ocampo's family, who lives in Coney Island, is distraught over his death. Loved ones have set up a memorial with candles and a picture of the teen. Although he is being accused in the carjacking, Ocampo's family is defending him and saying he was a good kid.

Officials say the investigation is ongoing, and no arrests have been made. They have not yet released the names of anyone else involved.