EAST NEW YORK - Investigators say the East New York fire that caused the death of an infant started after the child's 5-year-old sister was playing with matches.

Police say the infant, Melanie Webb, was found after officials responded to the blaze at 182 Atkins Avenue Thursday evening.Two other children were injured in the fire at the home.

According to neighbors, the children?s father was at work and their mother stepped out to get Chinese food. After the fire started, the baby?s 5-year-old sister Aliyah Webb ran to alert a downstairs neighbor.

The neighbor, Tommy Campbell, said he ran upstairs and was able to rescue 2-year-old Shamel. Campbell said he tried to return for Melanie, but the smoke was too thick.

Shamel, Aliyah and their mother are being treated at Brookdale Hospital. The city's child welfare agency is investigating the family to see why the children were left unsupervised.