BROOKLYN - Police are scouring DUMBO for a second suspect following a rash of car break-ins in the neighborhood.

Over the past three weekends dozens of vehicle owners in the area have found their car windows smashed and their high-end electronics missing.

"It's probably because I had my GPS holder," says Michael Dacko. "They suspected [the] GPS was in there, took a chance, and they were right."

There have been six break-ins on Adams Street alone and 15 in the entire 84th Precinct between Feb. 22 and March 1. Since March 1, four more cars have been hit.

Juan Garcia, whose car has been broken into recently, thinks his tinted windows lured the thieves.

"They probably didn't see inside the car, which is why they [broke in] to see if I have anything valuable inside my car," he says.

Police arrested William Giambalvo, 39, in connection with some of the break-ins. Authorities have been handing out flyers with the description of a second suspect, 42-year-old Joseph White.