BUSHWICK - Police shot a 19-year-old man who allegedly opened fire at another teen after the two were involved in a fight at a party early Friday morning.

According to witnesses, the incident happened on Central Avenue and Cooper Street, when the 19-year-old shot a 17-year-old boy in the leg. A bystander, 43-year-old Sofia Gonzalez, was caught in the crossfire and hit twice in the chest.

?She was coming outside to make sure I was safe and happened to come out at the wrong time,? says Jonathan Gonzalez, the victim?s son.

Police arrived at the scene within seconds after the shots rang out and say they were fired at by the gunman. They returned fire, hitting the man in the torso after he allegedly refused to drop his weapon.

Gonzalez? son believes the fight between the two teens was fueled by an excess of alcohol at the party they attended.

?They were doing what normal teenagers do nowadays- drink, start arguing and fight,? he says.

But local residents say it is not a good excuse for gun violence.

?It's uncalled for,? says Brenda Peart, of Bushwick. ?No one talks anymore, they let the guns do the talking.?

Gonzalez? son says he is angry. He says his mother is the last person who deserves to suffer because she spends all her time caring not only for her own four children, but also for other kids in the community.

The woman?s children say she got out of surgery early Friday morning and is recovering.