BROOKLYN - A 54-year-old man is dead after police sources say he shot two family members and then turned the gun on himself inside the Spring Creek Towers. 

According to investigators, Kenneth Williams shot a woman, who suffered a graze wound to her head inside 1155 Pennsylvania Ave. at around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday. He's also accused of shooting a man in his 20s.  

Neighbors and sources say that the two victims are Williams' wife and her son. Police are calling the incident a domestic dispute, but they aren't confirming the identities of the victims or their relationship to the gunman. 

Williams' sister and other distraught loved ones describe him as being a loving father and family man. It's unclear what led to the shooting, and the investigation is ongoing.

Both victims were rushed to Brookdale Hospital where they are expected to survive. Williams was pronounced dead at the scene.