BROOKLYN - Shots rang out in broad daylight in Canarsie Friday afternoon in two separate shooting incidents, police say.

Investigators say a man opened fire in broad daylight across the street from a middle school in Canarsie. According to authorities, that incident happened at around 1 p.m., just minutes before the end of school day, at the intersection of Flatlands Avenue and 82nd Street.

A witness tells News 12 that a young man who was on foot approached one of two vehicles parked near the intersection and opened fire. The suspect fired about eight shots and then ran off, according to the witness.

A woman who was inside the targeted vehicle ran into a nearby store and appeared to be injured, the witness says. Police have not confirmed at this time if any injuries were reported.

Concerned parents were seen scrambling to get their children out of the nearby school and away from the scene.

Residents say they are fed up with the violence in the neighborhood and worry that it will get worse as the summer heats up.

Shortly after the incident, a second shooting was reported just minutes away. Police say a man in a car was hit in the neck by a bullet on East 56th Street and Avenue I, and then spun out of control, hitting another car.

A passenger, who was also inside the car at the time, was seen running out of the car bloodied, witnesses say. The passenger received care from a passerby until emergency units arrived.

Police have not confirmed if the two Friday afternoon shootings are connected.

The victims' conditions are unknown at this time.