BROOKLYN - Police and elected officials have unveiled a new campaign to deter any sort of violence during the popular J'Ouvert festival.

Officials are stepping up efforts to shake off a widely held perception that the festival is marred by violence and crime. It comes after a shooting amid last year's proceedings that left Carey Gabay, a well-respected lawyer and aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, dead.

Revelers this year can expect a larger police presence, even if it's not readily apparent. The NYPD is doubling officers assigned to the festival, both in uniform and in plain clothes.

For the first time, the celebration leading up to the West Indian Day Parade will now have a permit from the city.

The festival is set to take place the night before and into the early morning hours of Labor Day. Officials are asking homeowners within the vicinity to leave their lights on, as the borough presidents says that crime festers under what he calls a cloak of darkness.