SUNSET PARK - Police say video released from a bodega on Fourth Avenue in Sunset Park shows an accused thief being punched following a theft on the street.

According to police, the video shows 21-year-old Daniel Shevchenko standing inside the deli when an EMS worker comes in and puts an arm around Shevchenko's neck and begins to punch him.

Police say Shevchenko broke into an EMS vehicle nearby and stole a cellphone a short time before the deli incident.

"It's concerning because even though this person is an alleged thief, he's entitled to due process," says Dennis Flores, from El Grito de Sunset Park.

Flores is one of many Sunset Park residents distressed by the video

"There's only one man. How much harm could he do to an officer or to two officers or three officers," says Jessica Sierra, a Sunset Park resident.

Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to the incident by saying, "Officers are being retrained in how to approach each situation more effectively, how to reduce the risk of force, de-escalate."

Officials say the incident is under internal review. Shevchenko is facing several charges including resisting arrest and criminal possession of stolen property.

"I saw that video twice and have not had the opportunity to sit and look at it in great detail. I'm comfortable the matter is now being investigated," says Police Commissioner William Bratton.