BOERUM HILL - A woman is in police custody after she allegedly stabbed another woman to death.
The 56-year-old woman allegedly stabbed the 48-year-old victim, Liza Millet, multiple times Saturday morning at a YWCA building at Third and Atlantic avenues in Boerum Hill. The victim was pronounced dead at New York Methodist Hospital.
The suspect had been knocking on doors, and the victim happened to open her door, according to one resident.
"It's too dangerous," said Katherine Scott, who lives in the building. "They shouldn't have these people here. There should be a special facility for people who are that emotionally disturbed."
Another woman who lives in the building said security is present, but security personnel aren't on every floor at all times.
The suspect hasn't been charged, but she is in police custody.
The YWCA said both women were long-time residents and neither had a history of violence.