BROOKLYN - Police say a man was stabbed at a Caribbean restaurant on Friday, and a former dishwasher is a person of interest in the case.

The attack happened after 7 a.m. inside the restaurant on Church Avenue in Flatbush.

Police say surveillance video shows the two men getting into an argument after the suspect blocked the exit of the restaurant, preventing the victim from leaving, and then stabbing him in the neck.

Police say the suspect worked at the restaurant for three months as a dishwasher over a year ago, but still stops by once a week for free food. 

Employees say they recently told the man they would continue to serve him food, but that he was no longer allowed to come into the kitchen and socialize with employees because it was against New York City health regulations.

They say the suspect entered the restaurant and sneaked into the kitchen and basement, where he was confronted by a former co-worker. 

Employees at the restaurant say both men had differences. 

Officials tell News 12 that after the attack, the suspect ran out the back door of the restaurant and is still on the loose.

Police have not released the names of the two men.