BROOKLYN - Customers of the Times Plaza Post Office on Atlantic Avenue complain slow service and poor package delivery have pushed their patience to the limit.

"What should take at least 20 minutes is taking two hours, and I think it's unacceptable," says a frustrated customer.

Even bloggers have chronicled issues such as returned college applications, broken stamp machines and undelivered packages. One man claims he received better postal service in Iran.

"I know people in the neighborhood who've been here forever who say 20 years ago it was terrible ? 30 years ago it was terrible. I've never heard anyone talk about the good old days at Times Plaza," says Boerum Hill Association member Joel Potischman.

Potischman says he's been trying for five years to fix problems. He admits meetings with postal managers and elected officials only led to short-term change.

The post office refused to let News 12 Brooklyn cameras into the station, but says it's launched monthly meetings with community boards to address issues.

Officials say the post office delivers 100,000 pieces of mail daily, and many customers agree they have no issues with mail carriers.