BROOKLYN - Many Brooklyn residents are hoping that luck will be on their side for Saturday night's Powerball jackpot drawing.

The $334 million jackpot is still up for grabs after no one won in Wednesday’s drawing. 

Milky Way Deli on Ralph Avenue in Canarsie sold a winning ticket of $7 million last year, but the ticket went unclaimed.

The staff stays that with the large jackpot this year, they anticipate many people coming into the store.

Each customer playing has their own plan of what they would do with the winnings.

"I’d probably buy a house or invest my money, so that way I can keep making money, that's what I would do," says Shamar Smith, of Canarsie. "I’d probably open up my own business, too."

Brooklyn residents will be watching with a close eye to see who will win the $334 million jackpot.