ALBANY, N.Y. - (AP) - New York health officials say more testing is being done on the first three suspected cases of swine flu found outside of New York City.

Health Commissioner Richard Daines says the cases in Suffolk, Orange and Cortland counties are believed to be caused by the same strain of virus that has taken a deadly toll in Mexico and is spreading illness worldwide. However, that will not be confirmed until federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tests are complete.

In the meantime, as many as 70 workers and residents at a long-term care facility in Orange County will be treated with the anti-viral agent Tamiflu because one of the suspected cases involves a health care worker there.

The CDC says at least 51 cases have been confirmed in New York, most at St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens. Overall, health officials have confirmed at least 93 cases in the U.S.