BROOKLYN - Dueling protesters met in Brooklyn Wednesday, as groups both for and against the proposed Iran nuclear agreement rallied outside congressional offices.

The deal would reduce and monitor Iran's nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

Congress is set to vote on the deal in a few weeks. Sen. Chuck Schumer, the top Senate Democrat, has come out publicly against the deal.

Many Brooklyn representatives say they are undecided. They may be in a tough position -- many are Democrats who would usually be loyal to President Barack Obama, but many also represent heavily Jewish neighborhoods full of constituents who oppose the deal.

Opponents say the plan threatens the United States and its allies, like Israel.

Outside Rep. Hakeem Jeffries' office, ralliers in support of the deal called on undecided Democrats to accept the deal. Some of those demonstrators say they are Jewish.

They say the deal would be in both the best interest of the United States and Israel.

"I think that a non-nuclear Iran will help to resolve many of the problems in the Middle East," says Edward Goldman in support of the deal.

Jeffries says he's listening to both sides, and will announce his position within the coming days.