BROOKLYN - Brooklyn community leaders took to the streets Friday for the second day in a row to protest the New York Post after it published a cartoon that many say depicts President Barack Obama as a dead monkey.

The controversial cartoon, which appeared in the paper Wednesday, shows two armed police officers shooting a monkey, with a caption above them stating: ?They?ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.? The following day, a crowd of NAACP members and civil rights leaders gathered outside the News Corp. headquarters in Manhattan, calling on readers to boycott the paper.

According to Hussein Shodarwardy, the owner of a newsstand at Broadway Junction in Brooklyn, many people answered the protesters? call.

?Nobody?s taking this paper,? he says. ?Nobody?s buying the Post.?

The newspaper responded to the demonstrators with an editorial saying that the cartoon ?was meant to mock an ineptly written federal stimulus bill,? and its intent was not an expression of racism against the president.

Many protesters, however, did not accept the Post?s apology.

?It was watered down,? says Inez Barron. ?It was a quick response to the community, because they're afraid.?

Councilman Charles Barron says he is pleased to see many New Yorkers turning their backs on the New York Post, but he does not want to stop there.

?It's going to mushroom,? Inez Barron says. ?People are going to put the Post out of business.?