CONEY ISLAND - Activists, with one week left to change the plans for Coney Island?s future, are still protesting the city?s proposal to rezone the area.

Those against the changes fear the new plan will destroy Coney Island?s famous character.

A crowd chanting, ?Don?t shrink Coney!? took their concerns to City Hall Wednesday to call for changes to the city?s rezoning plan. The current plan creates 27 acres of amusement and entertainment space, but Coney Island enthusiasts fear much of that space will go toward indoor activities like movie theaters and bowling alleys, instead of the outdoor rides, which once made Coney Island special.

Protester Miss Cyclone feels if nothing is done to change the current plans, Coney Island will become just another, ?anywhere USA.?

The city?s Coney Island Development Corporation says the rezoning plan is Coney Island?s best hope for its future. Lynn Kelly of the development team argues, ?How much smaller could it be? It can?t get smaller than the three acres it is now??

The city planning committee is set to vote on the rezoning plan next week. If it gets passage, it will then go before the full council later this summer.