BROOKLYN - A group of Brooklyn residents are showing their support for Marcell Dockery, the teen who was convicted of second-degree murder.

Activists stood outside Brooklyn Court Friday calling for the teen’s release from prison. Dockery was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison for setting a fire that resulted in the death of an NYPD officer.

Activists from The People's Power Assembly say Dockery is being robbed of his life.

In a video confession, Dockery says he set a mattress on fire inside a Coney Island apartment building because he was bored.

The fire led to the death of responding NYPD Officer Dennis Guerra and the serious injuries of Officer Rosa Rodriguez.

Activists say they believe that Dockery's confession was coerced, and say it is unfair that he was given such a long prison sentence.

"I want him to know that we care, that there's somebody out there that’s standing in his corner and that we are working, even if it's just a few of us," says Terra Mitchell, of The People's Power Assembly.

After the sentencing, the PBA president said that when Dockery becomes eligible for parole in 19 years, NYPD officers will pack the courtroom to fight against it.