BROOKLYN - Disturbing messages were found again last week at a Brooklyn public school with a history of troubling graffiti.

In May 2008, the phrase ?Jump White People? and the abbreviation ?JWP? were scrawled at dozens of spots inside P.S. 224. Last week, the letters ?JWP? were found again in the school?s stairwell, written 3 feet high in black magic marker.

So far, police have arrested the five students for the May incident. However, the former and current PTA presidents are not convinced that the students were the perpetrators. Former PTA President Marlene Francisco believes that a disgruntled teacher is responsible for the recent actions.

?We know that for a fact,? says Francisco. ?It might blow up if we say anything about it. That?s why we?re not saying who.?Tameeka Singleton, the current PTA president, also believes that the children in this case are innocent.

?Where is the proof? I want to know,? says Singleton.

Police and the teachers union say they are investigating the possibility that anyone can be responsible.