BROOKLYN - Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum is demanding a change in Brooklyn schools after releasing a report suggesting a gender imbalance in the borough's career and technical schools.

Brooklyn's Automotive High School was the most disproportionate with a student body that was 95 percent male. Gotbaum's report says it's important to equally represent young women to help them get the education needed for higher paying jobs.

Gotbaum is proposing the Department of Education provide more advanced placement classes for math and science at female-based schools in Brooklyn. The public advocate also wants gender data provided to ensure accountability and progress.

The report recommends gender requirements for the educational institutions. Gotbaum plans on meeting with education officials to ensure those requirements are being met, if not exceeded. The public advocate says she has the support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg to promote gender equality in the borough's schools.

As career and technical programs become more popular in the Brooklyn, Gotbaum wants to increase recruitment from Brooklyn middle schools to make sure students are aware of their educational choices.