NEW YORK - The Puerto Rican community is officially cutting ties with the New York Daily News over a controversial photo printed by the newspaper. 

Protesters took to city streets to rally over what they say is a misrepresentation of the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade, which took place along Fifth Avenue last weekend. 

The paper printed a picture of two scantily clad women, claiming they were part of the celebrations. However, parade organizers wrote a letter to the paper saying in part, "Such image was not taken at the Parade and the featured subjects were not marchers, nor did they have any connection with the Parade, whatsoever." 

Organizers went on to say, "Having a grossly family-inappropriate image published with an overtly false claim via a headline and caption, is an irresponsible misrepresentation that cannot be accepted nor tolerated."

The Daily News was a co-sponsor of the parade. News 12 reached out to the paper, but officials there have yet to comment on the story.