BROOKLYN - A Queens man has created a map that shows all of New York City's transit services.

Anthony Denaro sat on the subway one night staring into one of the transit maps on the wall and asked himself "what if the whole system of buses and subways could fit on one map?” 

It took some time, but the Queens native created that map. 

The 'Bullet Map' diagrams all NYC transit services that are included with an Unlimited MetroCard.

Millions of NYC residents live beyond a 15-minute walk to a subway station so hundreds of thousands of people start their commute by boarding a bus and then transferring to the subway. 

"This is a map for us," Denaro says. "One complex transit map for one complex transit-reliant city."

The map includes the services of the NYC Subway, all NYC Transit and MTA Bus lines, NICE Bus (Long Island) and Bee-Line Bus (Westchester). Excluded are PATH, LIRR, Metro-North, Express Buses and EDC Ferries.

The map is available as a downloadable PDF on the web. 

However, Denaro says he plans on launching an app.