EAST NEW YORK - Several questions remain unanswered Monday about an off-duty police shooting in an East New York nightclub that left one man dead.

Police claim the problems started after 30-year-old Kendell Irish got into a scuffle with two off-duty police officers inside the Elite Ark Saturday. Authorities say Irish drew his gun and one of the officers fatally shot him. Now, some are wondering why police should be allowed to carry guns after hours and in a situation where they?d likely be drinking.

Councilman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) says, ?You can?t be drinking with a deadly weapon, especially if you?re going to a club that?s crowded and everybody else is drinking.?

Some are also questioning how two guns got into the normally secure nightclub. Meanwhile, police officials maintain that the shooting appears to be within department guidelines. Police officials also insist the officer was not drunk when he shot Irish.

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