BUSHWICK - Tenants who say they?re getting pushed out of their Bushwick apartments demonstrated outside the building Wednesday.

Community organizations joined residents at 46 Wyckoff Ave. to put an end to what they?re calling harassment. Tenants say owner Tapi Property is refusing to make repairs and they say they were offered $5,000 to move out. Daniel Canela, who owns a deli on the ground floor, says he?s witnessed a man walking through the building intimidating renters. Canela also claims the landlord refuses to fix a hole in his ceiling.

Tapi Property, which purchased the building six months ago, counters it is only trying to evict two tenants ? one for non-payment of rent and the other for running a boarding facility for illegal aliens.

Housing advocates are working to create legislation that would help protect tenants from harassment. The six families living in the building say they don?t plan to move and they?re ready for a legal fight.