THE BRONX - Ramarley Graham's family says they're suffering another heartbreak after learning that the police officer who shot and killed the unarmed teenager will not be indicted.

The Graham family told News 12 in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that a grand jury has ruled against a second indictment for officer Richard Haste, citing a lack of evidence to support manslaughter charges.

A judge tossed out the original case in May, saying that instructions given to the grand jury by the district attorney were misleading.

The 18-year-old was chased into his Bronx home and fatally shot by Haste in Feb. 2012 while the officer was investigating an apparent drug deal.

An attorney for Haste released a statement, saying in part, "Officer Haste was gratified that this Bronx grand jury had the courage to listen to his testimony with an open mind and follow the law when a proper instruction on the law of justification is given...There are no winners or losers when a life is taken at a young age."

Graham's mother, Constance Malcolm, says she's lost faith in the justice system. The family also plans to protest the decision.