BROOKLYN - A rape suspect was arrested in Bushwick after he called 911 asking police for a ride. 

Michael Mann, 52, of Brooklyn was arrested after police realized he matched the description of a rape suspect from a sexual assault reported earlier in the week.

Police say Mann was distraught and that he pulled a knife from his back pocket when they asked him if he had any weapons. 

Mann is accused of pulling the same knife out on a woman during a sexual assault Tuesday on Dekalb and Bushwick avenues.

They say Mann approached the woman around 2:30 a.m. as she was walking and then threatened her with the knife before sexually assaulting her.

Mann is facing multiple charges, including rape, sex abuse, forcible touching and criminal sex act charges.

Police say he is a registered sex offender and has 14 prior arrests including a rape charge dating back to 1984.