BROOKLYN - Employees at a Dumbo restaurant are scrambling to help out clients after the venue closed its doors suddenly.

Some employees at reBar got a short email from owner Jason Stevens on Friday morning, stating, "reBar is bankrupt and closed." Those who didn't get the message showed up on what was supposed to be payday to find out that they weren't getting a check and that they were out of a job.

"Most of the staff were in disbelief," said Orlanda St. Preaux, a manager at reBar. "They didn't believe that we really were closed because we're packed almost every day. We have almost 200 events booked."

Even though the employees were put in a tough spot, they are now working to salvage what they can for the clients who booked events here so that their special days aren't ruined. St. Preaux says the plan is to still hold the scheduled weddings this weekend.

The employees will essentially work for free this weekend to help those couples. They convinced nearby venues to donate their space and offer some last minute help.