WILLIAMSBURG - A record-setting freediver from Williamsburg died while competing on open waters in the Bahamas this weekend.

Nicholas Mevoli passed away Sunday after plunging 72 meters down into the depths of the ocean without fins, an air hose or tanks. Officials say he had trouble breathing when he came up and lost consciousness.

The 32-year-old developed his love for diving while growing up around the water in Florida. He broke the U.S. record for freediving and won several international diving contests.

Mevoli has lived in Brooklyn for the last 10 years while working in the film industry.

His friends have set up a memorial in front of his home. They are devastated by this loss but say he died doing what he loved.

An autopsy is being conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

Mevoli's friends hope to name the corner of Berry Street and North Street in his honor.