NEPAL - The death toll in Nepal has surpassed 4,000 people following a massive earthquake on Saturday, and that figure is expected to keep rising. 

Relief is flooding in from around the world to help the thousands more who were injured during the 7.8-magnitude quake, which triggered aftershocks and an avalanche, making the devastation even worse.  

The United Nations says that hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley are overcrowded, and running out of emergency supplies and space to store bodies. The country has asked for more international help, saying it is short on everything from paramedics to electricity. 

So far, 18 people have been confirmed dead by the avalanche, three of them Americans. The Daily News reports that two Brooklyn natives, identified as Mendy Losh and Daniel Cole, were initially believed to be missing, but have now been accounted for. 

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are about 3,000 Nepalis living in New York City. Many New Yorkers have been attending prayer and candlelight vigils since the tragedy.