BROOKLYN - Some Muslims in the borough say they are experiencing backlash from turmoil in the Middle East.

Community leaders are outraged after learning several Muslims said they were harassed by a group of young men in a car outside the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge Sunday morning as they were on their way to worship.

Police are also investigating an earlier incident from last Friday at the Thayba Islamic Center at 2165 Coney Island Ave. Both incidents were caught on surveillance cameras and the video was turned over to police.

Officials say they are investigating both incidents as hate crimes, and so far they have not made any arrests. The local Arab American Association told News 12 Brooklyn that they know who the three young men are that were involved in the incident in Bay Ridge, and the parents of those young men have apologized for their actions.

News 12 reached out to the police to find out why the young men have not been arrested, but they would only say that they are investigating.

Meanwhile, the religious community has come together to show unity against hatred, much of which they say is being fueled by ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.