BROOKLYN - Nine subway stations from Gravesend to Sunset Park will have to close all Manhattan-bound services for renovations.

The change goes into effect Jan. 18, and renewal work to the nine stations in Brooklyn will take about 14 months. Currently, the MTA has no plans to help re-route commuters.

"This service inconvenience is not just a an inconvenience. It's going into effect children going to school,” says state Assemblyman William Colton, of the 47th District.

Riders will have to take a Coney Island-bound train, and then transfer back to a Manhattan-bound train.

Colton hopes to provide a better solution with one of his three plans, which include providing a shuttle, creating temporary platforms and extending the Q express track.
The assemblyman’s petition, which asks that the MTA provide shuttle bus services along the N train line, has a couple hundred signatures.