FLATBUSH - Plans are underway to repair the site of a sinkhole where a sanitation truck got stuck on Tuesday.

The parking lot where the sinkhole formed, which sits on top of a freight train line, collapsed under the weight of the truck. The truck was stuck in the hole for several hours until workers came to remove it with a crane.

A representative for the owner of the parking lot, Renaissance Realty, tells News 12 that the truck was oversized and unauthorized to be there. The owner has chains hanging from an entrance to the lot to restrict any trucks higher than the chains.

The parking lot owner's agent says his company will likely sue the owner of the sanitation truck. He also says the owner has already hired an architect to draw plans for the repairs and will likely have a permit for them by Wednesday.

City building inspectors are assessing the area. The portion of the lot where the sinkhole is remains quarantined, but the rest of the lot opened again Wednesday.