BROOKLYN - A new report shows that more big box chain stores are moving into Brooklyn than ever before.

According to the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, big box chains have actually gone down citywide, but are on the rise in Brooklyn.

Ian Siegel, whose company owns Liberty View Industrial Plaza in Sunset Park, says the borough needs all the big chains it can get.

"I think big retail will bring jobs to the area. It will enable people and help people shop at their neighborhood mom and pop shops," says Siegel. "You can only put big retail in certain spots of Brooklyn, not in the small neighborhoods."

Some small business owners say the big chains put certain smaller businesses at risk.

"The small furniture stores and the small hardware stores, those are the ones that pay," says Samir Sarsour, of Subs 'N' Stuff.

Sunset Park will soon welcome a Bed, Bath and Beyond and a Saks Fifth Avenue.