BROOKLYN - A report released by a state senator says that five of the highest-level sexual predators are living alongside young children in the borough?s shelters.

Elected officials say it is their duty to make people aware of the danger and have called on organizations that aid the homeless to help protect the public.

?If they find that one of the adults that wants to get into the family shelters has a criminal past, they can make sure that individual is referred to an adult-only shelter,? Klein said.

Officials say that while everyone does have a right to visit a shelter, it is of greater importance that people feel safe.

?You never lose the desire to protect your child because you lost your home,? says state Sen. Eric Adams, of Brooklyn. ?That desire is still as intense and at a minimum, family members in shelters need to be aware if there's a predator among them.?

Officials said whether or not you know of a registered sex offender in your neighborhood, it is always better, especially for parents, to take proper safety precautions.